DINERS "Three" LP New Releases


"Fifteen On A Skateboard” paints a vivid picture of youth, where teenagers chase simple pleasures, like the wind in their hair or a two-stair set that’s just begging to be ollied." -AV club

Third full length of wide-eyed, lush indie pop from this PHX band.

Track Listing
1.Waiting for Music
2.Hear the World
3.Fifteen on a Skateboard
4.In My Hometown
5.Plastic Cactus
6.Thinking of You
7.In the City-Of the City
8.Peace in Mind
9.Little Pad
10.You've Got It
11.And so Are You
12.Landromat Concern
15.Am I living in the Real World?

Pressing Information

1st press: 400 charcoal blue/magenta split: 200 dark blue/blue split(exclusive to record club)