AMR Record Club New Releases


R.I.P. RECORD CLUB!! We will stop taking new members Sunday May 20th. So sign up now or you will be left in tears for years to come.

If you have no idea what this record club deal is, then read on....

You will receive the next TEN full lengths on 12" vinyl(YES, you heard correct TEN), or two 7"s (which equal one full length). So it could be six full lengths and 8 7"s or seven full lengths and six 7"s. Make sense?

If there is a rare color variant, then you will receive the more rare variant and sometimes you will receive a special variant exclusive to Record Club members. You will also receive free stuff like posters, stickers, patches. The membership will include an Asian Man t-shirt design(or if you've subscribed before, you can pick any shirt) and a beautiful Asian Man slip mat for your precious record player. That's not all, you will get a super duper cool Enamel AMR pin. And a wonderful canvas ASIAN MAN Tote bag, perfect for going record shopping or to the grocery store.

Basically, my goal is to make those who get a membership freak out at the end by thinking "Holy moly!! I got so much good stuff for such an amazing price".

We put out tons of records every year, so you will be sure to get stuff constantly with no worries of us ever going out of business. We started putting records out in 1996! HOOORAY!!

At the end of the deal, if you don't like what you got just return everything and I'll refund your money (as long as things aren't damaged). I'm serious.


peace, mike park